Smart money habits
start early

The first Swiss prepaid card and app with unique parental controls

Mobile app with card
Mobile app screenshot

Designed for your kids (6-18)
Controlled by you

Real-time notifications for all purchases
Choose where the card can be used
(in-store, online and/or ATM)
Freeze and unfreeze cards with a simple tap
Ability to block specific merchants and categories

Encourage good
money habits

Set up saving goals and weekly spending limits
Set chores and reward your kids for completing them
Easy budgeting and analytics
Mobile app screenshot
Mobile app screenshot

Learning on the fly

Take in-app financial related courses
Grasp key financial concepts to be applied in real life
Reward your kids for taking fun quizzes

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Manage from your account

Kids can only spend the money that’s on the card, so there’s no danger of debt or overdrawn accounts.

Create a safe environment

Your children will experience the independence of having their own card, knowing that you’ll always be there in case they need support.

Teach your kids about money

An innovative set of tools to learn early on and help them grow into empowered and financially savvy adults.
We believe in traditional values of earning money and learning to save. We also believe that the financial environment in which we grew up differs from the current one.
LevelApp is a fun and safe way for kids and teens to learn about money digitally and prepare them for the upcoming economic world.

Solid financial
skills for life